Monday, April 29, 2013

This 2013........

While I was on my home, I thought of the things that I want to do this year. And so, I am blogging about it! hehe. I’m not quite sure if I can really do all of it this year or ever (haha!) but I would just like to share it to you, my readers, friends, stalkers or whatsoever. :D
  • Go to the cinemas and watch a movie alone.
  • GO TO STAR CITY. (I know I’ve tweeted about this a couple of times. And I swear, I’ll go to star city within this year… with or without company. Haha!)
  • study a lot harder and smarter.
  • Be a regular fourth year OT student.  I'm crossing this one out not because I made it happen but because I failed... </3
  • Bake cookies or cake. (go ahead, laugh)
  • Cook a meal. A legit meal. Real cooking and not just by frying haha! (okay, laugh again)
  • Have a crush….. hahahahahah (now, you can laugh out loud)
  • Memorize my mobile number and our home number. (go, laugh again. hahah)
  • Have more time for leisure reading.
  • Try kickboxing or boxing
  • Go to Pagudpud
  • Out of town trip with friends (which will happen on Saturday! Wuhoo!)
  • Organize my room. Develop all the photos, buy picture frames and post it on my wall!
  • Clean closet. Throw clothes that are not usable anymore and donate clothes that are still wearable.
  • Have my parents go on a date. They haven’t gone on a date in years!! And so, I bought them vouchers for Midas Hotel buffet and I’m just waiting for both of them to be available. (yes, I’m sweet hihi)
  • Play the violin again and learn more than five songs. (I actually miss playing it but I just can’t find time)
  • PARTY WITH RQ. Haven’t done that… ever. Hahaha
  • Watch GGV live. haha
  • Go Ice skating. It’s been more than 4 years since my last ice skating experience 
  • SHOP TIL I DROP (huhuhu)
  • Have a sleepover with my friends. Or just lunch or dinner together. I miss Elenie 
  • Buy a new laptop.
  • Go to Mind Museum!!!!!!
  • Have dinner outside or somewhere alone.
  • Commute from Manila to Cavite or vice versa…. ON MY OWN.
  • Exercise more… Jog every weekends (hehe)
  • Eat healthier food!
  • Visit seton?? Lol idk
  • More random gala with girlfriends!! <3
  • Be more patient……
  • Blog more.
  • Edit or change my layout. it’s getting old haha
  • Try wakeboarding.
  • Smile more often hehee
  • Stop losing or misplacing or destroying my glasses. (my 6th glasses, got destroyed last tuesday. Huhu)
  • Save more, Spend less.
  • Since I only have four subject this semester, I will give my best to ace everything.
  • Go to SM Aura hahahaha
  • Post a look in lookbook
  • Have a part-time job. Start by sembreak until the end of the second semester since I only have one subject on second semester
  • Be fit
  • learn how to play piano!
  • Watch a concert at least once!! :(
  • Buy an instax mini 8 or at least 7s!!
  • try bungee jumping and skydiving (my dreammmm!)
  • Stop being a pessimist

As of the moment, these are the only things that I can think of. I’ll keep on updating this list if ever new things come into my mind. Hihi

Thanks for reading!!

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  1. 'PARTY WITH RQ. Haven’t done that… ever. Hahaha'

    -goodjob. hahaha malapit na :))) yeyyyy