Thursday, March 21, 2013

Splash Your Way Into Summer

Last Monday, my friends and I went to Splash Island. Thanks to the 250php promo!! hihihi We were complete. Would you believe that?!! What a great way to start summer, right? Super thanks to Vi's dad for giving her permission to come with us wuhoo! And yes, CG, i'm sorry for ruining the surprise. hahaha!

Joana and other CG arrived at Splash Island around 9am and Rigel, Vi and I arrived 20-30 minutes after. Splash island was.... empty lol. Just kidding. but seriously, the place was not jam-packed like always. Good thing we decided to go there early. Splash Island strictly prohibits their guests to bring food. Rigel wrapped her Kinder Bueno using her towel.... but as I've expected, the guy who inspects the bag saw it. hahahahahaha Anyway, we immediately changed into our swimsuits. Good thing I brought a rash guard. IT.WAS.FREAKING.HOT. I don't want to get any darker. haha Since the slides weren't open until 10:30am, tambay muna sa Wave pool... and picture time!!

Splash Island CG1
Vi, MG, Cath, Rigel, Nami, Joana, Laura, As, Elise, Issah, Me, Pusing

Splash Island CG2

Splash Island CG3

Splash Island CG6
(Top) Joana and Asrielle
(Bottom) Me, Rigel and Nami

Splash Island CG4
CG complete!!! <3

Splash Island CG5

Dos supremos -> Twisted Palms -> Family Ride -> Magellan's Drop -> King Pilipit ooohhhh I love slides!! <3

Splash Island CG8
 Mica being.... mica. hahahahha

Splash Island CG7

Splash Island CG9

Splash Island CG10
Laura, joana, me and As!! Family Ride wuhoo

Splash Island CG11

Splash Island CG37
 Mica, Vi, Nami, MG and Rigel

Splash Island CG39

Splash Island CG36 
Fave slide in Splash Island!! <3

We went to the wave pool again and tried to shoot a video. hahaha! Some people are already looking at us lol. One way or another + Harlem Shake!! Love you girlssss!! <3 Then picture picture time again haha

The obligatory lie-on-your-tummy-and-form-a-line pose

Splash Island CG13 

Splash Island CG14

Splash Island CG15

Splash Island CG17 

When the slides are closed, we killed time in the Balsa River. Here are my friends, "Chilling"


Congratulations to Vianice Custodio and Rigel Benzon for conquering their fears!!! wuhooooo!

Issah and Laura
Issah and Laura

(c) Joana 

Splash Island CG30
CG + Elijah

Splash Island CG31

We had dinner at McDo. wuhoo double hot fudge sundae hihi and oh, we were 16 inside our car. Imagine that!!!! hahaha We said our goodbyes to Lou Ann, Elise and to their brothers at McDo.

Lou Ann and Me. CG + Seatmates + Groupmates!! <3
Lou Ann and Me. CG + Seatmates + Groupmates!! <3

Me and Vi!!!! Will surely miss this girl. superrrrrr huhuhuhuhuhu like what we told each other, "Never natin inisip na magiging close tayo." :((((((
Me and Vi!!!! Will surely miss this girl. superrrrrr huhuhuhuhuhu like what we told each other, "Never natin inisip na magiging close tayo." :((((((

Clingy Girlfriends... love you to bits girls!!!!
Clingy Girlfriends... love you to bits girls!!!!

Lou Ann's off to Batangas and Elise will go to Pacita. Then we dropped off Rigel at ATC (AND SHE BOUGHT GONGCHA MILKTEA WOW THANKS FRIEND hahahaha) Then Vi at Coastal market. Then me at parkplace. hahaha! Kuya Albert dropped Issah off at RP and CG at UST.

I was supeeeeer tired but it was such a fun day!!!! I hope that we will also be complete the next time we go out. It won't be the same if one's not there. (ehem-Vi-ehem) Til out next outing!! Puerto Galera na sunod! hihi

Oooppps! I almost forgot, my friends and I did some dancing while on the wave pool. hahahahaha check out our video (don't care if it's embarassing. haha it was FUN lol)

Watch us Harlem Shake:

We also made a video of "One way or another" by One Direction. (I LOVE YOU LOUIS TOMLINSON):

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