Tuesday, April 30, 2013

UST OT Uniform


I noticed that more than 10 visitors ended up on my blog searching for "Ust occupational therapy uniform". As a steward of God, I decided to help you. Hahahaha K. Yup, this is how 1st year to 3rd year OT uniform looks like. :))

White uniform
 White uniform

Girl's uniform: Blouse and a skirt. The Blouse has 1 pocket (upper left) and it is where you'll place your nameplate. Leather black shoes only.

* A skort will be worn starting from fourth year to internship.

Boy's uniform: Polo and black pants. The polo has 3 pockets (upper left and lower right and left) Nameplate is also placed on the upper left pocket.

On your second year, you will wear your lab uniform which looks like this:

Laboratory uniform
Laboratory uniform

CRS shirts (CRS week or OT Day shirts) are allowed to be worn during laboratory classes but a student must wear the CRS Laboratory shirt during shifting practical exams. And OT profs only allow dominant white, black, blue or yellow rubber shoes. Laboratory uniform for girls and boys are the same.

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