Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend Getaway Up North!

As promised, here’s my entry about my Ilocos Trip after being absent in the blogosphere for 2 weeks. Did you miss me? Hehe just kidding! :*

I’ve wanted to go to Pagudpud for as long as I can remember. Whenever I mention “Pagudpud” to my parents, never once that they forgot to say, “Pagudpud? ‘Pag pumunta tayo dyan, pagod ka na, pudpud pa bulsa mo.” Then they’ll laugh. After years of waiting, finally, I went to Pagudpud! I believe it’s Divine Intervention. Maybe God heard my prayers…. Hehehe My dad told my mom that he’ll go to Ilocos Norte to attend a friend’s marriage ceremony. My mom relayed the news to me. The first thing that came to my is…. Pagudpud!!! I messaged my father a hundred “Pagudpud” words haha! He didn’t reply… my heart was broken. (drama queen) Then several minutes after, my mom and dad were talking over the phone. I’m not sure who called first though… but who cares lol! I asked my mom what dad said and my mom told me that they’ll decide over dinner. When my dad got home from work, we ate dinner and he said that………… we can come with him to Ilocos Norte and go to Pagudpud after!!!!! Wuhoo!! And so, I packed my things for our weekend getaway!

It was eleven in the evening of May 17 that we started our roadtrip. We had a quick stopover at 3am. The next stopover was in La Union for breakfast (6am).

After stretching our bodies and filling our stomachs, we got in the car again and sat uncomfortably. After few hours, we arrived in Vigan. My uncle told us to visit Baluarte. It’s a park and a zoo owned by Chavit Singson. The place is kinda nice since you can touch the animals, have a picture with it or ride it (horses only) for free. 

My lola and lil bro!

and again..

Raymund looking.... uhm.

Yes, he's my older brother

I seriously want to have pet birds!

It was too humid and I wasn’t able to stand the heat any longer. Even a cold drink and a Halo-halo didn’t suffice. So I asked my parents if we can leave and go visit the old houses in Vigan. It was just a few minutes of travel from the Baluarte to the old houses. 

Vain in Vigan!

Cool houses, indeed!! We only spent a few minutes there since my dad needed to be in Banna by at least 3 o’clock in the afternoon. When it was 11am, we were all hungry!! Good thing there was a restaurant on the way! We ate at Kusina de Ilocandia. Yay for Bagnet!!! The place was nice and so my brother had a photo op. haha!  

We arrived in Banna at 2pm and the first thing that we all wanted to do was to take a bath hahaha! At 4 o’clock in the afternoon, we all went to the Banna Zipline. It only costs 100 pesos per person. Yes, it’s cheap! Maybe because there isn’t really something worth viewing. When you look down, all you can see is rocks and river. And oh, it was only 300 meters long. Me, Rachel and surprisingly my younger brother tried it. My kuya…. Lol he won’t. hahaha!  

Photo Op in the Hanging bridge!!

My bro tried to imitate me... he failed. lol

I'm so pretty, huh?

After that, we went back to the house. We ate dinner at the house of my uncle. They cooked fried frog for us huhuhu I love them!!!! Hahaha! After dinner, we went to Laoag to find a hotel where we can spend the night. We stayed at Kingscourt Hotel and our rooms cost 900php each. My dad asked for a discount since we’ll be staying there for less than ten hours. My dad, mom and little brother stayed in one room whereas I am with my Lola, Kuya and Rachel. Around 10am, we left Laoag and resumed our roadtrip. We also went to the Patapat Bridge where in you can have the Cagayan River view perfectly. There were several tourists having their photos taken there as well. 

There's a bird in the sky!!

You may have noticed that I am wearing Pambahay. My dad didn’t mentioned that we’ll go there so I didn’t bother to change clothes haha! After hours and hours on the road and seeing only trees left and right, we arrived in the Pagudpud beach!!! We swam at the Hannah’s Resort where they have an infinity pool overlooking Pagudpud Beach! Here are lots and lots of photos!!! 

We left Pagudpud Beach around  5pm and went to the Bangui Windmills. I can’t really remember how long the travel time is from the beach to the Bangui Windmills. There are 18 windmills all in all. 

Cheap souvenirs!! If I remembered it correctly, the small windmill costs 30-40php and the medium-sized windmill is 50-60php. I don't know the price for the large one.

The place that we visit was the Kapurpurawan Rock Formation. We went horseback riding going to the site for 150php.  

FAIL haha

And that’s my weekend getaway up north! I’ve just realized how long this post is. I’m pretty much sure no one really read everything and just skimmed and looked at the photos. Haha!! Roadtrips are fun..... but you're butt will surely suffer. :))

Thank you for reading!

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