Monday, July 08, 2013

Makeup Haul: Revlon Photoready Powder, EH Perfect Brow Kit & SurpriseStick Concealer and TFS Face & it All About Mascara 06

I bought new makeup!! huzzah! I'm becoming girlier and girlier each passing day. lol  I actually started wearing makeup on my second year in college. I learned how to use concealer, BB cream and cheek tint. It wasn't really hard to apply those things since they're all considered as "basic" makeup. All you have to do is apply them to your face evenly hahaha! Now that I am only months away from saying good-bye to "teen-years", I think it would be good to learn how to fix and groom your eyebrows, apply eye shadow, eye liner, mascara and etc.

My recent buys are Revlon Photoready Powder, Etude House Suprise Stick Concealer, Etude House Perfect Brow Kit and The Face Shop Face it All About Mascara 06.

I bought my Revlon Photoready Powder in Changgi International Airport. It only costs S13$ (420php). It's price is a lot cheaper compare to the ones sold here in the malls and stores. 

I regret not buying the revlon photoready concelear which was S7$ only!!!! That's like 230php when converted! :( Mac Cosmetics were also sold there for a cheaper price but unfortunately, I wasn't able to buy anything since I was out of cash :(

Etude House Perfect Brow Kit is the first ever eyebrow kit I've ever owned. I groom my eyebrows by plucking or occasionally, by threading. But I never use eyebrow pencil or anything like that. But when I realized how eyebrows can change your look, I decided to buy a kit and learn how to use it. 

 It costs 478php. It's not that cheap but I have no regrets! It's really easy to use and you have two color options, a dark brown and black. It also has a white eye shadow to emphasize the arch of your brow. The kit includes an eyebrow brush as well. 

I also purchased the Surprise Stick Concealer from Etude House. It only costs 300+php. For the past two years, I've been using a concealer from The Face Shop. I was actually hesitant to buy the Surprise Stick Concealer since I am not sure about its quality. But since it's cheap, I gave it a try. 

Lastly, I got this Mascara from The Face Shop. And guess what...... I bought the wrong mascara for my lashes!!!! The Mascara I bought was the Face It All About Mascara 06. It was meant for those who have short eye lashes huhuhuhu! My eye lashes are actually kinda long. I should've researched first before purchasing makeup. Makeup noob here. :( Not to mention, it was 455php :(( I better pay attention and read labels the next time I buy makeup. 

I like using makeup from The Face Shop, Etude House, Tony Moly, SkinFood and Majolica Majorca since they're asian brands. Their cosmetics are made for asian skin and the prices are cheaper compare to Mac Cosmetics, Estee Lauder, Urban Decay, Shu Emura and other imported European brands. But I also like using Mac Cosmetics..... but it's too expensive for my life :(( 

I apologize for the low quality photos. I only used my iPad since my DSLR is currently broken. 

I'll try to make a detailed review about those products next week so you better watch out for it. Though I don't know if I'll make a credible review considering that I am a makeup noob hahaha!!


  1. waiting for you review of surprise stick concealer =)

    1. Please don't be anonymous! I might make one next week. Thank you!! :)

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