Tuesday, July 16, 2013

It's just a dream.... repeat 100 times.

"Was it a peek of what could happen in the future or was it just a dream? I hope it's the latter."

I woke up crying. This happened to me quite a number of times already. But what I am anxious about is... something bad might happen.

It was a Thursday, I think that I had a dream about my mom having her hand cut. I can't remember the details as to why her hand was like that but all I know is that she lost her hand. I woke up then that's it. It didn't bother me since it's just dream. I went home to Cavite the next day. When my family and I are having lunch, my mom mentioned that there is something wrong with her wrist and that she needs to go to the hospital..... The doctor said that fluid is accumulating and it needs to be sucked out every once in a while or have an operation. It was near her ulnar styloid process and the accumulation became prominent after a week or two. She didn't want to have the operation. It's a risk. If something went wrong while the operation is ongoing, she could lose her hand. She said that she'll rather have that in her wrist, have it sucked once in a while than to lose her hand. Which I supported since it was her wrist and life anyway.

Before I also had a dream that made me woke up crying. I was with my friend and her ankle got sprained. I texted her that same day that I dreamt about her. She responded to my text and said "OMG Tix, Pinulikat ako sa pool nung PE class!!" (OMG Tix, I had cramps in the pool during PE class!") I found it funny that time since the dream was not about losing something or life-risking or anything like that. But after thinking about it, my dream's kind of exagerrated to what actually happened in reality. I was thankful. duh haha! Specially that I had another dream last night that made me burst into tears while sleeping. My mom was bitten by a dog and one of her feet was cut off. I know what you're thinking. "Why is it always about your mom having something cut off from her??" right? haha! But I'm not that worried. Maybe she'll just have a scratch on her ankle or a sprain or something less scary than removing your ankle. I was actually also thinking about what the dog could symbolize. haha!! But no luck. Right now, I shouldn't even be thinking about it! It's just a dream... repeat 100 times.

I am not crazy! haha I don't know why I dream about these kinds of things. Specially that something really do happen to the people in that dream.

OMG I'm psychic. OMG I'm a mutant. OMG I have a power.
OMG I think I have to say good-bye now before I blabber more nonesense stuff.


  1. I know what you mean!
    whenever I have scary dreams I always feel like it's a premonition! Thank God it's not the case though

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    1. i've never been scared of dreams before!! haha anyway, you have great outfits. keep on posting

  2. Lol such a cute post! Love your story! <3
    Follow me back? chiccupcake1.blogspot.com
    -Jenna <3

    1. Thank you for reading!! Sure I'll follow you back!!

  3. Wow that's really cool! A coincidence? Or maybe you really/do/ have special powers!!


    1. It was crazy actually. Haha thank you for reading!!

  4. This is amazing, and creepy haha, I dont know if I want intuition like that too :)) Maybe you do have a gift!


    1. I agree it's creepy!! And I think you would rather not experience this haha!! Thanks for reading!

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  6. Crazy dream! But I'm impressed that you vividly remembered it. :)
    Following you now back on GFC dear. Thank yo so much for the support!

    xx, Mela

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