Monday, August 05, 2013

Trip to the Lion City

This post had been in my drafts folder for more than 5 weeks because I always feel lazy to finish it. But now I finally completed it! Yey me! Better late than never, right? Haha! It was a 4 days and 3 nights vacation which for me is… not enough. I think a vacation especially if it’s an overseas vacay, must at least be 6 or 7 days. There are just too many places to go to and it’s not possible within 4 days. In my case, I wasn’t even able to visit The Orchard and shop at H&M or F21 in Singapore. Anyway, here’s a glimpse of what I did, where I went and how I spent my very short vacation in The Lion City.

Day 1: Supposed-to-be-Sentosa-Day if only the tour guide didn’t make a mistake.

Our flight to Singapore was scheduled at 6:30am via Cebu Pacific… which means smaller space and no tv or movies huhu We arrived in Singapore around 10:15-10:30am.

The tour guide picked us up then dropped us off our hotel. We stayed at Fragrance Hotel-Bugis. Check-in time was at 2pm so we had no choice but to leave our baggage on the lobby and come back at 2pm. If you want a pleasant stay in Singapore, I am advising you NOT to choose Fragrance Hotel. The room’s really small… and the bathroom.. don’t even get me started. Anyway, with our free time from 11-2pm we just walked around Bugis.

Gelato!!! <3

We were supposed to go to Sentosa but the tour guide made a mistake and told us the wrong time. Really poor service indeed. And so, we just decided to walk around the streets of Singapore and ended up shopping at Bugis Junction and Bugis street. Bugis street is like greenhills but of course, the prices are higher.

My little brother and I shared a room. We just watched videos on youtube lol (Thank you to the Filipina Receptionist who gave us free wifi for four days! Fyi, the receptionist’s family lives near us in Parkplace! How cooool is that haha!

Day 2: Universal Studios daaaay!! Wuhoo!

I was so excited but then when we got there I was like, O__O. It was jam-packed with people!!!! The waiting time for the Transformers ride is 2 freakin’ hours! I wasn’t able to ride it since the line didn’t seem to shorten the whole day L  and the weather was too humid! It feels like I was still in the Philippines.

Lovin' the car! lol
One of the few rides that I was able to try

Trying to open Shrek's door!! haha!


The turkey's soooo good! haha!


Marily Monroe!!

Day 3: City tour- Morning: Merlion Park > China Town > Singapore Gems & Metals Co. > Little India; Afternoon: Resorts World Sentosa

The tour guide was late! We were waiting in the lobby for over thirty minutes. Never again that we will purchase from that agency. Very poor service. 

It's so cool. There are cars that you can rent if you want to drive around Singapore.

Obligatory photo with the Merlion

......And another one

my idea! hihi

Spot my dad!

China Town!

We also went to Singapore Gems & Metals Co. My mom and I bought watches! wuhoo

Awesome seahorse! It's actually reaaaally small.
Have you met my boyfriend? :))
Fooling around! hehe

Hi! Meet my friends! lol

Our DLSR got broken!!!!! huhuhuh </3

Day 4: Takashimaya > Orchard > Lucky Plaza > Hotel > Airport > PH > Dinner at Resorts World

Taxi photos lol

My inner jeje... unleashed in Singapore

Takashimaya is not… for us. Lol. Hermes, LV, Gucci, cartier, name it. That mall has it.

Born to model. haha

trying hard.. lol

and another one :))

We decided to get out of the mall and saw the “Lucky Plaza” It’s also comparable to Greenhills. While in the taxi, I finally saw what I’ve been searching for…. H&M and F21. But wtf, we were already on our way home and we can’t afford to go to Ion Orchard since our checkout time is at 12 and it was already 11:30 that time. HUHUHU sad life it is... :'(

We arrived at the hotel at 11:50am. We made it before twelve and my father checked out our rooms. The scheduled pick up time was 1pm. Since we still had 45 minutes to spare, we killed time at Starbucks

I ordered Green Tea Latte with hazelnut syrup!! yuuummmeh

Airport................... :(

See? I'm such a natural. teehee

Spot the jeje in the photo:

It's so cool na may ganito sa Changi airport. haha! 

Obligatory airplane photo lol

Waiting for kuya albert.......

*whisper* Resorts World Manila

And that's my trip to the Lion City! :) More photos on my facebook! :)

P.S. I will be uploading my review on Etude House Surprise Stick Concealer within this week! :)


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