Wednesday, January 01, 2014

A somewhat detailed post of how I spent the last hours of 2013 and the first hours of 2014

Pretty long title, huh? Hello there. It's already 4:27am and yet I chose to write a blog post. It's not because I couldn't make myself go to bed but rather I have to make or at least start this post because for sure i'll probably miss some details if I do this tomorrow.

I woke up around 8am but found it extremely difficult to get out of bed (blame it on the cold weather. Or others refer to as "cuddle weather" or as I prefer, bed weather). So I just read "A Beautiful Wedding" for the nth time. The novella has 89 pages and I finished re-reading it after an hour. I decided to read the last few chapters of "The Selection" since I still hadn't found the desire to get up. Around 10:30am, my stomach was growling and I went downstairs to the kitchen. I toasted 2 slices of bread and made myself coffee. At 11am, I watched Elysium on my laptop. It was crappy since my laptop can't handle a 1080p movie. Shitty laptop. I downloaded a movie converter to make a 1.70gb movie down to at most 1gb and tranfer it to my phone. Would you believe it took almost 5 hours to convert? Wtf right? And until now I don't know if it was really necessary to convert but whatever. What's done is done. At 1pm, we ate lunch. Yes, we ate that late because no one was actually up except for me, my mom and lola. After lunch, I read "The Fault in our Stars". I felt this urge to finish the book immediately but I didn't because I wasn't ready yet. Not prepared to know if someone would die, or if there is, how many deaths would there be? Will it be Isaac? Will his cancer have a recurrence? Worse... is Augustus'?? Or will the Lungs of Hazel Grace finally give up and be the crappiest lungs ever? I might sound funny but I always find myself so.... Engrossed in the story, the characters, their situations and everything that happens in the book. I love how it makes me feel like i'm in a different world forgetting everything else. Okay enough of that.                   

My mom bought Shakey's Pizza, mojos, chicken, spaghetti and carbonara. Oddly enough, I kinda liked the carbonara. (Odd because I don't like white sauce) after that, I took a bath. At 5pm, I watched Elysium. It was a nice movie all in all. And while watching the movie, my relatives started to arrive in our house. They played Monopoly Deal (which I don't have any idea on how to win or at least play the game). After a few minutes the oldies (mom dad aunt uncle lola) calls out to say it's dinner time. I loved the food. Srsly. I actually felt a food baby growing inside me. Then I killed time browsing through my photos (reminiscing lol) talking to kristel about random stuff from fractions (nerd alert) to shopping to my blog and then I saw a tweet of my professor that Pitch Perfect was being shown on HBO. And the next thing I know, I was watching the exact same movie I was watching last New Year's Eve... Pitch Perfect (zum zum zumzum). 

It was 11:30pm and we were all (mostly me) in awe of our neighbor's fireworks. And a little annoyed. I mean can't they wait for 30minutes it would be 12am soon. Real soon. But srsly tho thanks to those rich people who spend (not waste) their money on fireworks. I had fun watching your money get burned.

We had shabu shabu right after. Yes, eating. for the nth time that day. Around 1:30am, I read the last few pages of "The Fault in our Stars" and fck it. I 50/50 regretted it afterwards. Half of me was happy that I finally finished and knew what happened and half of me was sad that I am done with the book (i know it's a book and I can read it over and over again but the feels won't be the same the second time) and also (SPOILER ALERT) I am fcking crying because a hot-humorous-intelligent-really-nice-fictional guy character Augustus died. Like I said earlier, I always as in always, get so engrossed in a book. And then I realized wtf I just did. I started my year crying my eyes out. Well that's a nice way to begin the year. On the bright side, I didn't post a "first selfie" "first blabla" "first everything". (If you are one of those who posted such things, I meant no offense lol)

I'm pretty sure no one made it this far and pressed that tiny red x button at the upper right of your screen at the 10th line (at most) of this blog post.

Damn it I fell asleep. It's 10am and i'm about to type the last sentences of this post.

2013.... I am glad that it was over. It's not my best year tbh. There are indeed ups and a lot of downs. For 2014... nahhh I don't have a new year's resolution. I never had one. But...

Cheers to a better, way waaaay better 2014.

Kudos to you for finishing this horribly long full of run-ons post. Or maybe you just scrolled down and read the ending? Thought so. Uhm k bye


  1. Happy 2014/New Year! ♥ I know exactly how you felt! My neighbors started fireworks roughly around 10 pm! What in the world... why so damn early for? But hey, it's the new year, let them have their fun :) Omg, speaking of Shabu Shabu... I want some right now. :/ I'm sorry to hear 2013 wasn't a great year for you, may the new year bring you more happiness and success! ♥


  2. I'm really trying to be optimistic toward 2014. :)) Thank you!! Happy new year as well! :) Followed you on GFC :)