Sunday, December 14, 2014

Review: Etude House Perfect Brow Kit

From EH website

The EH Perfect Brow Kit comes with a 3pc brush set, multi-shade brow color & highlighter and compact mirror for professional eyebrow presentation.

The kit includes 2 brushes. One is a spooly. The other one has a brush at each end- a brow brush and an angled brush.


  • I like the spooly and the brow brush. But I had problems using the angled brush. It’s a bit hard to make a refined outline so I bought a separate angled brush (thinner). Here's what I use:

Shades and Pigmentation

  • I love the shades in the kit because you can choose whether you want to have a grayish or brownish eyebrow. I usually use the dark brown but sometimes I use and mix both shades. The highlighting powder is sheer and has a shimmering effect. I rarely use it.

  • The brow color stays on for 5 to 7 hours but the highlighter wears off a lot faster (maybe 1-2 hours, that’s why I rarely use it.) Sometimes, I do my eyebrows on a school day. My class starts at 7 and my brows still look okay & decent even though it’s 2 or 3 in the afternoon. The country's climate is definitely a big factor that affects the staying power.

  • I bought it for 478php at an EH store in the Philippines. If there are no EH stores in your country, there are a lot of online shops that ship worldwide. You can check out Sae Sil ParknShop, an online seller based in Korea. She's my trusted korean cosmetics seller. If you're looking for a site or seller to purchase korean products from, easy transaction, and big discounts, I recommend you visit her facebook page. Go! :)

1.     Use the spooly to groom your brows.
2.     Using the angled brush, make an outline or define the edges of your brows.
3.     Using the brow brush, fill in your brows.
4.     Using the brow brush, apply highlighter to your brow bone. (you can skip this step like I do hahaha)


Bare face and brows
 Right Eyebrow
Define the edges of your brow or make an outline
Fill in your brows

Left Eyebrow

With Flash
Without Flash

It’s my first eyebrow kit and I am satisfied with it. I like its pigmentation and how it gives me the natural eyebrow look. I definitely recommend this eyebrow kit to both beginners and non-beginners. Its price is okay since I've been using it for more than a year and there's still a lot of brow powder left! I recently bought The Face Shop Lovely Me: ex Design My Brow 02 (dark brown) to try a new product for my brows (Review next week!). 

P.S. I am currently searching for a good eyebrow wax, if you happen to have any good suggestion, please comment down below! It would be greatly appreciated.


4.5 out of 5 stars

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