Sunday, February 15, 2015

Review: Pastel Noodles Circle Lenses "T. Top Natural 2 Color Brown" (Sponsored Post)

“Beautify Your Eyes”

Last December, I received an e-mail regarding a sponsorship of contact lenses. I was actually surprised and even doubted it at first. So I checked their website then confirmed that they’re a legit company from South Korea! They told me to choose one pair and make a product review. I got really excited and it took me several minutes to decide on which pair to get! There’s a variety of colors and designs to choose from but I prefer to use simple and natural colors like black, brown, or dark brown.
I ended up choosing [T. TOP] Natural 2 Color Brown (SKU: LETTBR0144) which retails at $14.27.

Brand : T. TOP
Diameter : 14.0
Graphic Diameter : 13.5
Base Curve : 8.6
Life Span : Yearly

Pastel Noodles is a South Korea-based online shop that sells Circle Lenses, cosmetics, and accessories. Their circle lenses are approved by Korea Food and Drug Administration so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your eyes.

According to Pastel Noodles website:
           Circle Lenses could make your eyes appear larger, and in different color with different style. Circle lenses are part of the cosmetic for your make-up. There's a large popularity of young adults wear them for daily. Circle lenses are also a MUST for cosplayer. Therefore, we have a large choice of circle lenses for you to choose, whether you need to create a natural look, or a stunning, adorable, real animated character.

My package!!

Here's what's inside the parcel:

Here's what's inside the Pastel Noodles Box:

The instructions are written in English :)


It comes with a mini tweezers since it would be hard to get the circle lenses inside the bottle

Here’s a closer look of the pattern:

Here’s how my eyes look before and after wearing the Circle Lenses



Here's a closer look of the pattern: 

COLOR & PATTERN: The lenses are a little darker compare to the photos posted on the website. The pattern’s also not that evident when worn. You have to look very close to see the pattern.

COMFORT: I have dry eyes and I usually use comfort drops after 3-4 hours of wearing contact lenses. But when I tried Pastel Noodles’ circle lenses, I didn’t feel any discomfort or the need to apply comfort drops until the 5th hour of wearing it. Maybe it’s because of its 38% water content.

ENLARGEMENT: I decided to get a 14.00m-diameter circle lenses because I don’t want my iris to look a lot bigger. It enlarges my pupils a little and I really like it. But if you want your eyes to look muuuch bigger, then you can opt for their other lenses with a diameter of more than 14.5mm to 15.00mm.

PRICE: The circle lenses that Pastel Noodles sent me retail for $14.27. It's very affordable and it's actually cheaper than the contact lenses I purchased before here in the Philippines.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: They are very efficient and fast! They e-mailed me right away regarding the process of shipping, as well as the expected date of arrival. I was told that the product will arrive at January 30, 2015 and it did!

Overall Rating:

4.5 out of 5

I've been using contact lenses for almost seven years now and I've always had problems with comfort or dryness. Pastel Noodles circle lenses provided more comfort than the other contact lenses I've tried. For these particular lenses, T. TOP Natural 2 Color Brown, the opacity isn't that high but it’s fine with me since I’m not a big fan of overly-designed or patterned lenses. I prefer lenses that give off a natural look. If you want the color to be more evident, I suggest you buy lenses with a lighter color or pattern.

Do I recommend Pastel Noodles? YES! They sell quality contact lenses for a reasonable price. The customer service is also great and the shipment's very fast. :)

Got questions? Visit their FAQ page:
Visit their website to view their wide selection of products:

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.


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