Saturday, March 05, 2016

Review: MAC Soar Lip Pencil

MAC Soar


Swatch with flash

Swatch with natural lighting

FINISH: It has a matte finish. I really prefer matte lipsticks/lip pencil because it stays longer on the lips.

CONSISTENCY: It’s creamy-matte and it easily glides on the lips.

PIGMENTATION/SHADE: Soar has a mid-tone pinkish brown shade. One swipe of this lip pencil and you can already see it’s real color. It looks good on people with fair to brown complexion (in my opinion only)

SCENT: It has no scent

LONGEVITY: It stays on the lips for 5 hours. It stays after drinking liquids such as juice/frappe  but you have to re-apply after eating meals.

PRICE: My tita bought this from the USA. It's 760php when converted from USD to PHP. I haven't checked the exact price of MAC lip pencils here in the Philippines but it's around 1,000++. 

PACKAGING: MAC regular lip pencils are black in color with the corresponding name in silver writing and the shade (color) at the bottom end of the pencil.

Natural Lighting

With flash

What I like about the product:
  • It has a matte finish but it doesn’t dry my lips
  • It’s very pigmented. 1 or 2 swipes are enough.
  • The price matches the quality.

What I didn’t like about the product:
  • I have to re-apply after meals

Final Verdict: This is perfect for everyday wear specially for those who love mauve shades! It's matte, long lasting, and highly pigmented which every lipstick/lip pencil hoarders lovers look for. I highly recommend this MAC lip pencil. I plan to buy spice, whirl, and velvet teddy some time next month or whenever my tita's flight to USA is. lol. I'm not going to buy MAC lippies here anymore, it's a lot more expensive! Thank you for reading!


4.5 out of 5

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  1. The colour is so great! I love that it is matte but isn't drying. That is super important!